Eight Thousand Miles

Time Out (Bengaluru)

Time Out tells you about two new labels that specialise in children’s clothing and accessories.

Architect-turned-designer Shweyta Mudgal found inspiration to start her kids clothing and accessories label Eight Thousand Miles when she happened to travel to 14 countries, with an infant in tow, in the span of a single year while living in Singapore. Eight Thousand Miles offers whimsical dresses, tunics,

jumpsuits, rompers and more, for little tykes, with special emphasis on cuts, fabric mixing, print combinations and interesting use of upcycled elements.

“Eight Thousand Miles’ raison d’être is self-expression with a boho¬chic design aesthetic,” Mudgal explained.”The name is the diameter of the earth and also the distance that separates our two home cities: Mumbai and New York. Though based in Mumbai now with a day job as an architect, Mudgal discovered her love of fabrics while rehashing her daughter’s clothes. “I am never embarrassed to say that I have used them till their last stages! I would cut up pants and make them into shorts, or make T-shirts out of overalls,” she said.

The philosophy of the label is whimsical and global. “All of us are free-spirited wanderers, but it is society that binds and restricts us. And children, anywhere, cannot be forced to conform at all. My idea is to give kids fabulous cotton clothing with happy prints and colours, and make them wander around with lovely shoes. It is my way of breaking out the box. So, don’t polyesterise them yet!” Mudgal said.

Her first venture, a line of children’s clothing for one-to six¬year-olds, fell into place last year. For this, she sources pure cotton fabrics from all over Mumbai, scouting for small yardages with quaint and adorable animal, bird, floral, paisley and geometric prints in pop colours that can lend’; well to basic shapes. Under-privileged women of theMumbai NGO AadharSkill Development Trust then craft the fabric into sleeveless frocks, elasticated rompers, unisex lounge – pants, lungi shorts, mandarin-and round-collared kurtas with generic prints, loose shorts, half-sleeved shirts, gypsy skirts and baby blankets. “The baby rompers with elasticated chest band and thigh holes, and drawstring at the midriff, grows with the kid,” Mudgal claimed.

Eco-fashion is another angle to her creativity. “I source old South cotton saris, which I upcycle into double-sided (40×40-inch) baby blankets. Satin piping and polyester wadding are the non-cotton elements in these,” she explained. Mudgal, who is also targeting the US market, plans to add fall jackets for her New York clients and pajama sets to her line. Future plans also include extending Eight Thousand Miles as a lifestyle brand and including kids accessories, home decor and women’s fashion. Prices start from `600. P S Bhavana.


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