Project Nannagaru’s tie 070517

Well, here is dad’s floral tie… upcycled to make desk planters. And the kids in Adhi’s class replicated this, in cute ways, as part of  their…


Be RE-nstrumental :)

Tiny hands smashed this toddler guitar. Revived it as wall deco with Aboriginal-ish art (tsk…tsk.. still wondering where did this come from!) Wish I knew…



Read:  Act: REfuse taking plastic packaging wherever and whenever we can, REturn or REpurpose paper bags that do nothing beyond visual endorsement (every single time…


Project Owl-ism 190417

When I closed my eyes with dry pastels in my hand to sketch on leftover ply pieces, all I could think of were three fat,…


Project Revastra#1 280217

Silvertalkies and Revastra tied up with each other to work with lovely women over 60 years of age. It was such a great learning experience….


Project Rocket 260516

The next one “Mumma, I want to make this a multi-colour rocket.” “Why multi-colour, Adhiraj?” “Because it will be fun in space. It is dark…


Project Beads 250516

Phew, the long hols are here. Which means entertaining Adhiraj a couple of extra hours a day, beyond his free play and outdoor time. Honestly,…


Project Handstiched 021214

Way back in the ’80s, while living in small towns like Jeypore and Sambalpur in Odisha, my sister Bhaswana and I used to get new…


Project Old is New 021214

Adhiraj’s cupboard sometimes swarms with little-worn, worn-out wearables or clothes he has outgrown. I sort them every three to four months. The abused ones go…


Project pamphlets 120414

Every morning I groggily open the front door to pick something supposedly useful—a newspaper. But every day a bunch of advertisement pamphlets (read: shiny and…